Want to lose weight? Use our free calculators to help you see how long it will take to reach your desired rate, if you should eat less, how many calories you burn in a typical day, & your caloric burn rate when you exercise.

  How Many Calories Do You Burn Each Day?

Calorie Burn Rate Calculator - learn...

  • your basal metabolic rate (BMR)
  • your baseline daily caloric energy usage given your activity & fitness level
  • how many calories you burn each day
  • a recommendation of a safe diet caloric intake

  How Long Will it Take to Lose _ Pounds? When Will I Weight _ KG?

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Desired Weight Calculator - learn...

  • how long will it take to reach your desired weight given your current caloric mismatch?
  • how much quicker you can reach your goals by changing your daily caloric mismatch

  How Many Calories Did I Burn During My Workout?

Workout Calorie Calculator - learn...

  • how long you have to exercise to burn a set number of calories given your current body weight
  • how many calories you burned during a workout of a set intensity level for a specific period of time

  Weight Loss Goal Calculator

How Many Calories until Date - discover...

  • how many more calories you have to burn than consume to lose a given weight & reach your ideal weight / your desired weight loss goal in a certain timeframe
  • how feasible your weight loss goals are

  Desired Weight Calculator

Time Until Weight Lost - discover...

  • how long it will take for you to lose weight given your current weight, desired weight, diet, & daily caloric spend
  • how changing your calorie differential can speed up your weight loss program

  Body Mass Index Calculator

BMI Calculator - find out...

  • what your current body mass index is
  • healthy BMI ranges for women & men

  How Many Calories Did I Just Eat?

If you are curious about how much you are eating you can estimate your daily food consumption by using our free food calorie tables.